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As one of professional manufacturers of wafer biscuit processing line, manufacturing wafer cake production line of high quality is our goal, our company is located in henan province, zhengzhou city, wafer biscuit machinery manufacturing have 8 years of experience, the company since was established, has been committed to producing high quality, efficient wafer cake production line, let customers to use the rest assured.
The production line of wafer made by the company has different models, models and production. We can recommend suitable machines to customers according to their different requirements. The size (size, cream thickness, number of layers) of wafer made by this production line are all optional. In addition, we can also customize according to the special requirements of customers. Wafer biscuit processing line is mainly consists of mixing system, automatic feeding system, tunnel-type oven, sheet feeding and cooling device, cream coating machine, wafer biscuit cutter, organic heating medium boiler, wafer biscuit crusher etc.
wafer biscuit processing line manufacturers
The batter is produced in batches, transferred to the batter depositing station of the automatic wafer baking machine and put on top of the baking plates. The wafer sheets are baked depending on the baking time after baking temperature, then removed immediately and moved to the further processing manufacturing line. The wafer sheets are conveyed with a wafer sheet cooler to cool them down just before they get to the wafer spreading machine. The cream for wafer filling is also produced in batches and fed into your cream hopper with the spreader head. The cream filling is applied in fully auto mode. The wafer sheets stacked together with another according to the preset number, the top sheets are put on and afterwards the wafer books are calibrated towards the thickness preferred. Sheet Coolers are utilized to cool the baked wafer sheets in normal air. Cream spreading machines can apply a wide array of creams to all or any kinds of wafer sheets. These are fully automatic machine for cutting flat and hollow wafers full of cream. These machine dominate the cooled down wafer blocks coming from the cooling device or creaming device and cut them into required range of block. 

As a manufacturer of mechanical wafer biscuit machinery, we will continue to research and development, design and manufacture of better quality, more practical equipment of the wafer biscuit. Let the broad masses of customers to use more convenient. If you do not understand the wafer biscuit processing machinery, and have some questions, you can contact us at any time.

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