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Automatic Wafer Production Line Sold to Canada

This automatic wafer production line is based on the original, according to the requirements of customers customized, this machine can make different shapes and sizes of wafer biscuits, several capacity can be reference according your practical condition. Now this time, our production line will be shipped to Canada. The Canadian customer was visiting our factory and saw the machine's video of the test machine decided to buy in our home. He now runs a biscuit factory, specializing in the production of wafer biscuits, digital biscuits and so on, this is a problem with the equipment of the wafer biscuit machine, so the urgent need to purchase a good quality automatic wafer production line. 
automatic wafer production line canada
Model: GG51
Capacity: 200kg per hour/1560pcs per hour
Heating Method: Electric or Gas Heating
Voltage: 220V

This wafer prodution line consists of dough mixer machine, wafer biscuit baking oven, sheet collecting machine, wafer sheet connecting machine, cold blower, wafer biscuit cooling machine, cream coating machine, wafer biscuit cutting machine, wafer biscuit crushing machine, wafer biscuit packing machine. It is the professional equipment to produce wafer biscuit with high quality, different shapes and sizes of wafer biscuits can be produced. The whole machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, beautiful, rugged, and it adopts advanced technology, the main parts use the well-known brands.  If you are interested, please contact us. My email is lisa@machinehall.com, whatsapp number is 008618595717505, skype is jacobyaogelgoog

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